Jennifer Fish


Matthew Bloom

Wedding Party

Kristin Hassel

Matron of Honor

Back in 2013, Kristin and Jennifer met through the Hartford Alumnae Chapter of Delta Delta Delta. Kristin had just moved to CT from Iowa for her husband's new job at ESPN. They initially connected over their shared appreciation for brunch and bubbles, then grew to a close friendship. They love their girl trips and always prefer traveling to new places (most notably running the Napa to Sonoma half marathon!). Kristin and Jennifer are always supporting and challenging each other.

Sarah Fish


Sarah is Jennifer's younger, cooler sister — Born five years apart, their friendship only grew as they got older. Always bonding over their shared love for gymnastics. They enjoyed convincing their brother, Danny, to wear the "male leotards" and organize choreographed sibling performances.

Alysha Colletti


Alysha (Ally) and Jennifer have been best friends for the last 16+ years, first meeting in Middle School cheerleading. Often thousands of miles apart, whether Ally was serving in the Airforce overseas or Jennifer in FL at school, they were always there for each other. And no matter how much time went by, they'd always pick right up where they left off like no time passed at all.

Amber Merwin


Amber and Jennifer became friends in the 5th grade and bonded over the Purple Panthers travel soccer team (luckily, Jennifer's soccer career had an early retirement which saved the friendship early on).

Amber is always up for trying something new. She and Jennifer always pick different activities to try together (kangoo jump aerobic classes and trapeze training were some of the favorites). They've been celebrating life's biggest moments together since they were young, and she's so happy to have her stand by her side at the wedding.

Erin Mack


Erin and Jennifer met while working at Clarus Commerce in 2013 and quickly hit it off . They consider each other ideal travel partners and enjoyed work trips each year to fun spots like Scottsdale and Santa Barbara.

Erin is super creative and the biggest help in planning parties. She even stepped in to help make Jennifer's Halloween costume the last few years when Jennifer was trying to staple everything. Erin brings positivity and fun to every situation.

Lori Griffiths


Lori and Jennifer met back in 2012 while working at Clarus Commerce. What started as a mentorship quickly blossomed into a genuine friendship. Lori's been a huge support system and motivator for Jennifer. Lori has a huge heart for animals and is the most thoughtful, generous person.

Bill Bonin

Best Man

Bill and Matt first met at an accepted students event in the summer of 2011 -- they grabbed a few beers together and each decided that the other seemed normal enough, so why not live together for the first year of business school? Their friendship started with lot's of bschool laughs (and a few minor panic attacks), and now the two are inseparable buddies. Serendipity is a beautiful thing.

Trevor Smart


Trevor and Matt go way back, all the way back to 2nd grade when the Bloom family moved from the Philadelphia area to upstate New York. Little 7 year old Trevor didn't even know what was coming when his new neighbor moved in 3 houses down the street, but fast forward about 25 years now and they're still celebrating life's biggest moments together.

Jonathan Bloom


Jon is the successful, responsible older brother. The elder statesman. Any time Matt gets an opportunity to corrupt him, he tries (see picture to the right).

Michael Bloom


Michael is the up and coming younger brother, recently graduated from undergrad. The young padawon. Learning from years of jokes and pranks pulled on him, Michael now keeps Matt on his toes more often than the reverse.

Brandon Freimark


Brandon and Matt are good friends from Wake Forest, having met through their fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. Brandon was 2 years ahead, so Matt has him to thank for showing him the ropes around school, everything from giving him the lay of the land in Winston-Salem restaurants to surviving pledging 101 lessons...

Mike McBryan


Mike is another fraternity brother from Wake Forest, and him and Matt met their freshman year. They bonded quickly and ended up living together for both their junior and senior years of school. They have their fair share of good stories from those days, and Matt proudly claims responsibility for at least half the premature gray hairs on Mike's head today.

Danny Fish


Danny is truly another brother to Matt, they have been close since day 1. Danny is a great guy with a heart of gold, and he's always there for Matt and Jennifer whenever they need a hand with anything. Danny earned a lifetime IOU when he hid out in camouflage for 2 hours to take surprise pictures of the proposal on Martha's Vineyard.
Grace Cobb